Vertical Jump Training Advice

If you’ve been educating yourself on the topic of vertical jump training, you’ve probably realized that most information is repeated.

Most people, articles, videos, and training courses will tell you to eat right, lift weights, and do some plyometric exercises to increase your vertical.

Well, I’m going to give you some advice that will boost your progress and help you reach your vertical jump goals faster.

Follow A Vertical Jump Training Program

Some athletes try a whole bunch of exercises on their own and expect to have a 40 inch vertical in a couple of weeks, but that isn’t the smartest way to go about increasing your vertical.

I recommend you follow a proven vertical leap workout routine in one of the following forms: a vertical jump training eBook, workout plan, video training course, mp3 course, DVD training, vertical jump training equipment, or hire an expert.

You could also create your own vertical training routine and make adjustments along the way. I would recommend you do this after you have invested in a proven vertical jump training program and went through the program for at least 3 months.

If you follow a vertical jump workout routine for over 3 months and you don’t get any results, then something is wrong, and you need to make some adjustments.

Use Proper Form While Performing Exercises

Every exercise you do should be done with perfect form, and maximum effort. If you don’t take your workouts seriously or you slack off throughout your workout, it will show in your results.

Get motivated/inspired to workout. Watch some highlight videos on YouTube, read a book, or reflect upon your “why”.

When you’re motivated to workout you will naturally have a tendency to work with more focus and intensity.

Belief And Perseverance

Don’t doubt yourself, and don’t question what you’re doing.

If you invest in a proven vertical leap training program, do the workouts and don’t get emotional about it.

It is natural to want fast results and it is natural to be doubtful throughout the journey to success, but you need to overcome the doubt.

Believe that you will reach your goal.

Visualize yourself with a 40 inch vertical jump and visualize the athletic ability you will have once you reach your goal.

Persevere and don’t stop until you get what you want.

Put It All Together

1. Invest in a proven vertical leap training program

2. Make sure to take the workouts seriously, and do the workouts with proper form and intensity.

3. Believe in the training program and believe that what you’re doing works.

4. Don’t start, stop, and restart. Stay consistent and continue to follow a proven vertical training program until you reach your goals. Make adjustments to your vertical training routine as you progress and/or see fit.

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